thyssenkrupp Facade renovation NB

Project details

Gross floor area2.100sqm
Construction costs1,5 mio. €
Power mkBuilding design, structural design, EnEV

Polysius AG, headquartered in Beckum/Neubeckum, carried out refurbishment measures on its administrative buildings in 2011. The building stock to be refurbished was an existing building of up to four stories with a thermal insulation plaster facade, divided into components A to D, free-standing on three sides.

In addition to projections and recesses in the floor plan, the vertical development of the building also had projections. These parts of the building belong to a coherent building complex with a high-rise building, so that the requirements for the facade were defined by the special building regulation SBauVO.

In the course of renovating the building façade, exterior doors and blinds were replaced in addition to the windows. The existing concrete roof overhangs were removed. The three-story area in building section D was raised by one story using solid construction. The cladding of the building is made of aluminum composite panels, visually similar to the existing building.