House by the park in Walibo

Project details

LocationBad Waldliesborn
BuilderGrauthoff Immobilien
Gross floor area4.650sqm
Construction costs4 mio. €
Power mkBuilding design, structural design, EnEV

At Parkstraße 30 in Bad Waldliesborn, a new building was constructed in 2014/2015 with Grundstücksgesellschaft Haus am Park mbH & Co. KG as the client, the new construction of three detached residential buildings with a shared underground parking garage.

The three-story residential buildings are almost identical in their cubature. They are laid out in a trapezoidal shape and offset in order to shade each other as little as possible. Each building is internally divided into three apartments each on the first floor and the 1st floor, while the 2nd floor houses one and two penthouse apartments respectively. The common underground parking garage is located under all three buildings. In addition to parking spaces, it has a ramp and three entrances to the individual buildings as well as ancillary rooms for the tenants, technical and waste disposal rooms and a service connection room for the entire building complex.

The dimensions of the underground garage are about 36 x 70 m with a total area of about 2,000 m2. The residential buildings each have a floor area of about 320 m2. The residential complex was built in solid construction (KS masonry and reinforced concrete). The underground car park is almost completely in groundwater and had to be anchored back against uplift in some areas with special foundation piles in the building ground.

The facade cladding of the residential buildings was done with a thermal insulation composite system with noble scratch plaster.

Our office was commissioned with the building planning in the work phases 1-6 as well as the entire structural design and building physics for this project.