Facade renovation Claas Hockenheim

Project details

BuilderClaas CVG
Gross floor area1.500qm
Construction costs1,4 Mio. €
Power mkBuilding design, structural design

In 2013, the CLAAS company from Harsewinkel commissioned our office with the planning and implementation of the site renovation in Hockenheim.

The initial focus was on the customer center with its visually unrepresentative and structurally deficient façade design. The building with dimensions of 60 x 60 m was characterized by different façade structures which, on the one hand, did not correspond to the state of the art in terms of energy and, on the other hand, did not reflect the corporate design of the CLAAS company in their external appearance. In the course of the refurbishment, the entire complex received a new energetically high-quality envelope made of aluminum sidings or aluminum composite panels.

A clear façade structure with light-colored façade panels as well as the partial arrangement of the progression in the form of seed-green façade cladding by the Renolit company today reflect the guiding ideas of the CLAAS company with regard to the design of its own buildings.