Exhibition Schröder GmbH

Project details

BuilderSchröder GmbH & Co. KG
Gross floor area225sqm
Construction costs250 T €
Power mkBuilding design, structural design, EnEV

The company Robert Schröder GmbH Bedachungen und Gussasphalt has been a byword for everything to do with roofing and waterproofing for more than 115 years.

On 1,000 m2 of exhibition space, customers are presented with everything to do with roofing, flooring and bathrooms.

In 2011, we were commissioned with the building and structural design for the new exhibition hall, which offers a diverse range of samples from roof, facade and window solutions to mastic asphalt surfaces on an area of 200 m2.

The building was constructed in solid construction. A special feature is the curtain wall made of natural slate. Installed as cover formwork in a wild bond, this facade illustrates the diverse possibilities of a facade design with natural slate.