Dyckerhoff Rohmühle Lengerich

Project details

BuilderDyckerhoff Zement GmbH
Gross floor area6.000qm
Construction costs33 Mio. €
Power mkStructural engineering

The company Dyckerhoff GmbH is an international cement and building materials manufacturer. In 1998, the cement plant in Lengerich commissioned us with the structural design for a raw mill building within the scope of the construction of a new production line.

Our services also included the preparation of specifications for all construction work as well as engineering supervision during the construction period. The mill building comprises approx. 60,000 m3 of enclosed space.

The foundation for the mill was completely separated from the structure to avoid vibration transmission. The approx. 40 m high reinforced concrete exterior walls were erected using climbing formwork, the ceiling above the mill room, consisting of steel girders with partially prefabricated reinforced concrete ceiling slabs, was subsequently installed.

In the period before the stabilizing reinforced concrete ceiling was installed, the exterior walls were supported horizontally by a temporary auxiliary structure. The loads from an electrostatic precipitator on the roof deck were transferred to the exterior walls by means of steel composite girders.

Steel platforms, crane runway and line supports were connected to steel plates set in concrete, as were support structures for exterior dust collection lines.