Architect house Beckum

Project details

Gross floor area280sqm
Construction costs405 T €
Power mkBuilding design, structural design, EnEV

At the end of a cul-de-sac in a building gap in Beckum, this single-story, barrier-free residential building in solid construction is being built in 2015/2016. The building is divided into two structures.

On the street side, the building is aligned with the height development of the neighboring buildings by means of staggered monopitch roofs, thus complementing a homogeneous, quiet street scene. This part of the building will have one and a half stories, while the rear part of the residential building will be a single-story cube extending into the depth of the site. This cube contains the south-facing, quietly situated living area.

The building will be equipped with a central ventilation system with heat recovery for energy reasons and for reasons of living comfort. The goal is to undercut the requirements of the EnEV 2014 by 15% for this residential building.

The construction of the building is a solid construction. The facade materials are clinker surfaces combined with a curtain wall of fiber cement panels.